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Moving beyond race

Bridging cultural arts across cultures

Chinese arts for caucasiansSingapore is the home to multi races, with more and more immigrants moving into Singapore because of the successful implementation of migration plans.

Different races are integrated into the local culture since young, hence there is a fine appreciation of cultural arts across all cultures. Religions are also respected across the country, and laws are in place to deter against sedition.

Chinese make up the majority of the population in Singapore, hence the widespread of chinese cultural arts. Yearly Chingay parades has also featured lion dance in their segments. Deeply rooted into the local festival celebrations, lion dance has since moved on from a cultural arts and into a “country-arts”.

lion dance indian customers

In recent years, more and more non-chinese customers emerged for lion dance troupes. “In the past we have about 2% of non-chinese clients. The first half of the year, more than 10% of our newly acquired clients are of non-chinese descent.” said spokesman Cyrus Lee of SGHeQuan.

The loud music and colorful art of lion dance enjoyed increasing popularity, with more and more brands willing to associate themselves with a lion dance troupe. Promoting products/brands using lion dance troupes has been proved successful. Logos and brands are printed on shirts of lion dance schools and the impact of associating with lion dance troupes have proven to be successful.

Singapore is the home to multi races, with more and more...
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